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Seafood Bar SONRISA

Chiba, Japan / 2020

“Gairo – Street”

“SONRISA”means “smiling face” in Spanish. 

Sonrisa is a Spanish bar with seafood as a main dish. His owner is a chef that worked and gained a great experience in many hotel restaurants.

“I have been living here for many years and, as my repayment to the happy years I have spent here so far, I wanted to create a bar that would be a local community space. Therefore, I choose this place, here in Ichikawaono in Chiba prefecture, as a location for my bar” – said the owner.

In Spain the streets are open for people; the public space is a part of living and becomes a community space.

Thus, this time we were inspired by Spanish community culture, taking a part of it into the interior and recreating the streets inside the bar. As a result, we created a street on the line from the entrance to the exit and placed chairs there.

We hope this new place becomes a local community space as well as the owner’s strong desire of delivering happy time to local people spreads around.

Design : Masahiro Yoshida,Asuka Tamaru
Photo : Keisuke Miyamoto