Let us know your requests by an email. Please include the information below:
– Business Category
– Opening Date (completion of construction)
– Budget
– Details of Your Requests


We will be asking you questions.

Examples of our questions:
– Is there someone who can speak Japanese? (It will be possible for you to hire an interpreter for us.)
– Do you have a contractor?
– If the site is outside of Japan, our company will be in charge of just the designing. Therefore, you will need to make an order to the architect office in the local area (at least one person that speaks Japanese is required) as well. This is to change the drawing according to the local standards and to deal with the legal matters. Will this be alright for you?
– Where should we hold the meetings? (In case we go to your office, will it be possible for you to pay the transportation & accommodation fees each time?)
– We don’t usually attend competitions with other companies. Have you mentioned about this project to other companies?


After all the conditions had been cleared, we will actually go to the tenant (site).


We will measure the tenant (site) and then make a rough plan & draft of the concept.
(This can be covered by inspection, transportation, accommodation and presentation fees)


After the direction is decided, we will start to make detailed drawings.
(Design fee will be needed from here.)


When the drawing has been made to a certain level, we will get an estimate from the local contractor.


Normally, we repeat the procedures of 5. – 6. and seek the solution that best fits the client’s request and budget.


After all of the drawings are completed and we confirm the estimate from the contractor is agreeable, we start preparing for the construction.


During the construction until the completion of construction, we will ask the local architect office to make sure that everything is being built as per the drawing.

Some problems may occur after we start the construction (e.g. breakdowns of the building that has been covered up).
If such problems have been found, the local architect will report to us and we will seek solutions.


We will be at the site on the date of delivery and point out the parts that need to be corrected.