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Concept: a discotheque

The space is located at the end of the passageway that is lined up with various clubs in Ginza Namiki-dori, one of Japan’s most famous bustling downtown areas. 

The etymology of the word ‘disco’ is French word ‘discotheque’, which in Marseille dialect means  ‘a record storehouse’. In this way, we can understand the following word correlation : ‘record – disque’, ‘library – biblioteque’.  

Therefore, in order to create client’s own ‘playground’, we came up with the idea to design a library space that brings together people and client’s favourite things – objects that are important to him.

In reality, at the end of the hallway leading to client’s space there is a wall that can be open and closed only by client’s mobile phone. Once you step inside, you can see the alcohol bottles that become a lighting fixture illuminating the entire space. 

The counter is made of 1000 years old Yakushima cedar tree, and it is a space where one can enjoy a drink sitting on the comfortable sofas. At the back there is a karaoke room where one can immerse themselves in an extraordinary space emphasised by the light and sound. 

Smoke rises from beneath the feet and infrared rays are reflected endlessly – this plays a significant role in creating an outstanding karaoke space. 

Having said that, we hope this place will fulfill the playful spirit of adults. 

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