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Parlor _hana by SN

Concept: sustainability

The parlor_hana is a sweet store & cafe that offers parfaits, fruit pizzas, pudding a la mode and other products. It uses fresh, organic and pesticide-free fruits that are harvested by carefully selected farming methods. 

When it comes to the interior of the store, the wish was to create a space that would be nature-friendly with an emphasis on sustainability. 

Therefore, for the main counter area we used a non-standard recycled material called NUNOUS SKIN. As for the walls, we applied a plastering material called hemp wall, which is a mixture of hemp and diatomite (diatomaceous earth). We used marmoleum floor made from linseed oil; the chairs are covered with recycled leather, tables are of solid timber. In general, all the materials used for the interior have been designed with consideration for the environment.

We hope people who visit parlor_hana store will not only enjoy the space and sweets but also will appreciate the blessings of nature.