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Tokyo, Japan / 2020

“Connecting by doors”

There is a hostess bar “Cocoon” in Ginza district in Tokyo that was founded in 2000. It has been open for 21 years. In the time of COVID restrictions, we were asked to create a space that would be well-ventilated and easy to stop by. 

The place is situated under railway viaduct that is a very rare place to have a store, even in Ginza district.

We decided to try a new design by moving the counter that has been used since the establishment of “Cocoon”. We also installed the sliding door in order to enter the place from everywhere.

Actually, by using the sliding door instead of building a facade and putting a transparent glass with the store name on the foot level, we managed to pass the information of the store and create an entrance.

Moreover, we decided to decorate the inside walls with mosaic tiles, but we did not finish it. We decided to finish the design by asking customers to buy one mosaic tile and paste it to the wall. 

We are full of hope that the 20 years history of this place will be passed further.

Design : Masahiro Yoshida,Asuka Tamaru
Photo : Keisuke Miyamoto