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Hoteichan Nishishinjyuku Shop

“Roadside bar”

Hoteichan is a bar for a wide range of customers.

It is a simple and cosy pub where you can enjoy your drinks standing or at the table. You can pop in during the day or in the evening. The small side dish prices start from 100 yens and the customer’s age ranges from young people in their twenties to seniors in their sixties.

In order to share with customers the unpretentiousness of this place, we wondered if it would be possible to go back to the early years of Showa period. We wanted to represent the scene of all night long drinking in the front of a house like on the street resembling a garden, in the times when roads were still unpaved.

In fact, we have managed to create an easiness by spreading on the walls a very long soil colored sheet from the floor level to the height of customer’s waist. We have not put any corners and any finishing application on the top.

Moreover, we have reproduced the combination of good old times by using old timber tables and round chairs.

When the covid times settle down, we hope people would like to drink there all night long.

Design : Masahiro Yoshida,Kyousuke Maeda
Photo : Keisuke Miyamoto