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Saitama, Japan / 2020

“Halls and booths”

At the Uemon gate in Kawagoe, tourists try tasting the freshly steamed signboard product “Imo Koi” and take a stroll with Kawagoe in one hand. It’s fixed.

Therefore, we wondered if we could reproduce the scenery inside the station, and tried to design the steamer part of the demonstration sale to extend over the aisle.
Actually, the showcase and the demonstration sales part were created by uncovering them, and the product group was designed as one.

In the background, the plasterer is used to express the rich taste of the skin of “Imo Koi,” a typical product of “Uemon”, the bean jam and steamed sweet potatoes, which form a “layer”.

I expect that one scene of Kawagoe will come to my attention due to “Umon Ecute Omiya store”.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Tae Fukami
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto