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Osaka, Japan / 2015

“The Veranda”

MOSDO Kansai Airport is a joint shop where you can enjoy a “Mister Donut” and “Mos Burger” at same shop.

However, They jointly operated, but the menu and management operations that each of its own form. So I needed to make together each shop concept.

Shop concept of “Mos Burger”:
Providing comfortable and open feeling space with design theme as mountains, sea, and sun. There is a familiarity, relaxation, warmth and heartwarming. Making up shop with keywords that “Woody & Natural “.

Shop concept of “Mister Donut”:
The spaces as feeling calm, like to be with family.
Feeling free and relaxations like at own home.
As people can think that “This is my home”.

Both concepts are real close, but totally different meanings. I had to make a concept for connecting both together.

“Nature” is a shop concept of Mos Burger, “Family” is a shop concept of Mister Donut, so I proposed “The Veranda” for a symbol of connecting both together.

“The Veranda” is a gathering place of the family, and facility of making soft “border” with nature. In addition, that landscape is a symbol of “warmth” for deep inside of Japanese people’s hearts.

In fact, it separated into two spaces larger diagonally, the garden and the house, and created a veranda in the middle area.
I, incorporated the kitchen area into the home part to making a strong image of “safe and secure”, placed home stuffs as cushions, watches, and plates. And in the garden part, using the exterior of the materials and furniture, by placing the plants, such as air plants, produced the outdoor space.

Then, the color temperature of the lighting also changed greatly in the interior and exterior, to emphasize that spatial design of “The Veranda”.

I hope that the people will be connected through space and meals.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Yoshie Ishii
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto