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yudo office
Kanagawa, Japan / 2014


yudo Ltd is a group of creators that gives people enjoyment and happiness by providing services, which excites their five senses, mainly on smartphones.
Just by using your index finger, you can play music or draw a picture.
Talk with someone who lives far away.
All of the staffs excitingly develops and sends out their services to the earth, which is in the solar system of the huge outer space, by engaging their brains.

This time, the request of yudo Ltd was to make an office in which the staffs can engage their brains more easily.

In other words, they wanted me to make a space where they can feel the “connection” of the other staffs with their five senses.

I, therefore, suggested to cover the whole room with one board and create holes that people can get in. As a result, desks of all the staffs got connected as one like a lane in a factory, “connecting” the works and minds of the staffs.

Moreover, I had designed the entrance so that the guests and staffs get “connected” by an analog system using a speaking tube. This is also an approach to hand on the warmth of a human being to yudo office, a company that offers digital services.

I hope that this office will allow the staffs of yudo to connect stronger with themselves as well as with all the human beings in the world through the services that are created here.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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