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Miyagi, Japan / 2009

“Only one-space”

“TIARA” is the accessory that a bride wears on her head.
TIARA basic is born from the dedication of providing the styling service for women with the quality as high as the most beautiful moment of a woman— her wedding day, but in ordinary life every day. This time, in order to further develop the concept, we designed the second shop of “TIARA” in the April of 2009.

This time, the shop is situated in Aoba business area, which is full of customers with high fashion sense, and thus it is very important for the design of this shop to firmly express the owner’s concept.

Using the client’s words, the shop should become the “’Only one’ – The Place just for me”.

People consciously make barriers between the outside world and themselves, and create personal territories at any time and place. However, these barriers are not solid objects like walls or partitions, but malleable according to their motions.

In order to make the barriers vague and invisible at this salon, I designed a floating island, ”i-land”, on the ceiling which changes with the chairs’ shape. The separate “i-lands” on the ceiling are like private islands of space that floats in the sky, which act as a trigger for contemplation and revision of privacy, or “the place just for me”

. The “i-lands” also have functions— they act as reflection boards and light sources, which provide all the lighting for the salon.
Through all lightings which are designed as diffused light towards the ceiling, this featured ceiling work act as a board reflector to make customers look beautiful.
I hope all customers can recognise ‘involuntary barrier’ and feel ‘”only one” – place just for me’.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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2009 – Sendai Design Week 2009 Machinaka Good Design Award – SHOP DESIGN PRIZE
2009 – Display Industry Award 2009 – WINNER