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Tokyo girls collection in Wakayama

Concept: Color

Nanaha Co. Ltd. is a company that sends to the world “a new form of Japan” by introducing various perspectives to look at drinking matcha – Japanese powdered green tea.

It offers, through modernly arranged menu, a high quality matcha, such as matcha latte and so on. As the owner of the store expressed himself: “ I want to create a store where people can enjoy a traditional Japanese tea culture in a modern sophisticated way”, a desired shop space was designed to reflect not “Japanese style interior” but a modern tea room.

This time, the main aspect (of the design) was the emphasis on PR for those attending The Tokyo Girls Collection. As the sides of the exhibition stand were very strong, the store itself was easy to catch an eye by the visitors. At the same time, our aim was to create an interior as a background for the product in order to grab peoples’  attention.

In fact, by creating a one colour interior we designed a space that continues to attract interest and it is minimal in the information content. As a result, a space where also Maiko-san can shine was completed.