Concept: ‘Buying only one’
“Hire & Tan” is a new brand created by Heijoen. 
The Heijoen is a company that purchases one whole cow and offers exquisitely delicious wagyu beef cuisine. 
The  Heijoen`s founder deeply believes that delicious food inspires and makes people happy. 
As mentioned before, “Hire & Tan” is a brand that provides carefully selected fins and tong parts from purchasing only one cow. To express the idea behind it, we decided to make the door of private rooms (where customers can enjoy food privately) out of a single piece of a very precious wood. 
Additionally, in terms of a space layout there are two extremes. One is an open plan with a counter and seats, the other one is closed behind the door of private rooms. Both layouts are designed impartially so customers can fairly enjoy beef cuisine. 

Design: Masahiro Yoshida,Kim Hyeong Wook
Photos: Keisuke Miyamoto