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Book cafe, Karatsu Boat Race 
Saga,Japan / 2021

Boat Race

The water basin in Karatsu Boat Race measures 600m per one lap. Motorboats running  at 80km/h compete here for the ranking by making 3 rounds. 

The water basin reflects the blue sky and water bubbles are formed on the track of the motorboats showing the unique beauty. 

Bearing this in mind, we wondered whether or not it would be feasible, in the same way, to recreate and relive the beauty of the water basin and track created by motorboats in the cafe environment. 

Finally, we have decided to cover the floor with the denim fabric. After many years of the use, the passage that the passengers (guests) walk on gets rubbed and change over time. Both white and indigo thread of the denim fabric gets mixed together and the design seems to be like a raceboat’s wake that appears on the floor. 

Moreover, we have fixed some stainless mirror balls to the moving shelves in order to express the splash water. The façade’s walls has been covered with the special coating imitating water drops. 

The cafe design makes you feel and sense “water” throughout the whole space. 

Designer:Masahiro Yoshida , Kyousuke Maeda , Yutsuki Takahashi
Photo:Keisuke Miyamoto