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kyobashi senbikiya shinagawa concourse
Tokyo,Japan / 2021


Kyobashi Senbikiya is an old fruit specialty store that has been in business for over 100 years. Each fruit is both strictly inspected and carefully selected in order to provide the highest quality and standards. 

As far as fruits are concerned, the color is a significant and important factor. By their intense hue, birds and other animals are able to find seasonal fruits and eat them. 

This time, as the shop is located in the concourse of Shinagawa Station, we have used the fruits color to create a design that people can easily discover and immerse in it. 

In practice, we have taken the photos of fruits that are sold in Senbikiya and tried to express their image through the arrangement of colorful mosaic tiles.

We hope through this fixture, Senbikiya will be quickly and easily found. 

Designer : Masahiro Yoshida , Kyousuke Maeda , Yutsuki Takahashi
Photo : Keisuke Miyamoto