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Oishitea Oyama
Tochigi, Japan / 2020


OISHITEA is a shop, where tea and fruits meet. It tries to offer a new type of drink by adding the seasonal fruits of four seasons to the tea base, which customers can chose from a  wide range of teas – green tea, black tea, jasmine tea and roasted green tea.

We tried to create a space where mixing various materials, old and new, may create fresh and unusual interior. 

What we actually ended up with, was turning over the existing floor tiles on the floor. The walls were newly decorated with wooden wool cement boards and the wiring on the ceiling was left untouched as the open high ceiling. 

And then, we used the existing troughs for the lighting and reused the scrap wooden pallets for tables and chairs.

Additionally, we added handmade elements as a shop logo and art lighting and we managed to create the space that is a mixture of really various components.

Design : Masahiro Yoshida,Tae Fukami
Photo : Keisuke Miyamoto