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Fruits Peaks
Tokyo, Japan / 2020


Fruits Peaks is a fruit shop that was established from a fruit specialty shop called “Fruit shop Aoki”, which was founded in 1924.

Experienced fruit master visits markets and farms, selects fruits with a care on the spot and purchases them.The best timing of the fruits changes with the seasons. Fruits Peaks tries to offer harvested fruits when they are fully ripe and matured.

Knowing this, we thought about showing “the season of fruit” through the shop design.

We designed the display in the way to show the seasonal fruits.In fact, some parts of product boxes that were lined at the shop back, were used as the shop display.

Moreover, we created the seasonal fruit badges to be put on the staff uniforms. They can be switched with the seasons and help to visually distinguish at a glance the present season.

We hope that Fruits Peaks will become the seasonal fruits missionary.

Design Masahiro Yoshida , Yoshie Ishii

Photo Keisuke Miyamoto