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Gem Orthodontic Clinic
Tokyo, Japan / 2019


Gem Orthodontic Surgery is a clinic that specializes in orthodontic medical treatment.

The clinic aims at recovery of the aesthetics and stomatognathic function and its prevention. This is done by moving teeth to a normal position with the force of orthodontic wires or by causing a change in upper and lower jaw.

Everyone can change their life by straightening their teeth, making them look beautiful and becoming more healthy. In addition, orthodontic clinic is a place for good and long-term relationship with important patients.

Therefore, as far as design is concerned, teeth mesh was expressed by applying herringbone wooden floor panels, and arranged indirect lighting was placed to imagine some brightness of teeth. On top of that, the use of materials such as timber and brass changes together with the laps of passing time so design of the space can be enjoyed for a long time.

We hope, in this space, patients whilst receiving treatment, feel the passing time and relaxes well.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Yoshie Ishii
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Kenchiku Chishiki Dec.2020 issue