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Shizuoka, Japan / 2018

  The brand of “LEPSIM” remains simple with new features, with the casual style inspired by the ordinary life of women. It is also a place to combine simple items with various ideas of different individuals, which would generate personal styles.

The initial ideas started with  determining the design elements commensurating “LEPSIM”.

To work with the necessities within the “Ordinary Life”, instead of the aesthetics, considerations of the functions and requirements of a shop are made. As there is a need for hanging space and equipment in a clothing shop, would it be possible to create that space with originally hidden crafting of the water and electricity pipes.

In details, by using water pipe for the hanger rack needed for apparels, it acts as the legs of furniture, hanger racks, and shelf supports. On top of that, the design intention is integrated with the structural and constructions of the space. (a fusion of functions and designs) 
The single line of the pipe connects the shop front with the back, which becomes a mechanism for guiding the customers in and out. The structure of hanging the pipes also requires weaving of the wires, which correspond to the expression of the apparels. (a fusion of structures and designs)

Additionally, the finishing materials include metal lattice and wood cement boards which are often used for foundation, which creates a warm and human atmosphere in the space with simplicity and tenderness.

I hope you would enjoy simple fashions by your own style to be free.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida, Daiki Sakai and Tae Fukami
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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Shoten Kenchiku Aug. 2019 issue

2018 – DSA Design Award 2018 WINNER