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Grill & Beer Saiboku KAWAGOE
Saitama, Japan / 2017

“Cooking the materials”

The head office in Hidaka city, Saitama Prefecture, There has a ranch, factories, parks and restaurants. Many people are coming there by every day as “Meatpia” surrounded by nature.

“GRILL & BEER SAIBOKU Kawagoe ” is the first restaurant other than its head office.

“Restaurant in the forest”, it is the first image of the client who has top brand “SAIBOKU HAM”. That place is like, the master of the ranch is serving beautiful dishes by using the best ingredients for guests.
The dish to serve is, of course, “pork”.
Cooking processes for beautiful dishes are only “boil”, “steam” and “grill” and they use nothing for extra flavoring.

This time, by using “timber” and “green”, I abstracted that image of the forest. I also used many kinds of wood and patterns to representing about their cooking processes.
In fact, timber selected birch, maple, oak and cherry. For pattern, I selected parallel, parquet, herringbone, and slanting.

By putting green in the joints of timber, I designed to make the greatest impression with the smallest area.

I hope you would enjoy the both materials of space and cooking at “GRILL & BEER SAIBOKU”.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Yoshie Ishii
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Shoten Kenchiku Sep. 2018 issue
ku:kan Vol.10

2018 – DSA Design Award 2018 WINNER