Tokyo, Japan / 2016

“Display Case”

Takadaya is a Japanese restaurant, and they are sticking that “Creating beautiful dishes”, “Being with top skills” and “Protecting tradition”.
This time, the location is by the main street of “Chitose karasuyama Station” where there are many visitors. So I had to consider about relation with the surroundings.

So, I thought to use the display case itself as a partition for partitioning the indoor space and the external space of the store.

In fact, by making a large opening in the part facing the outside, arranging a transparent glass, and creating a display case up to the height that requires blindfold, I created a  partition of the indoor space from the outside space.

Also, on the outer wall, I created a custom-made tile that looks like ink dropped, which represents “Sesame soba noodle” that is  a one of the main commitment of Takadaya.

And I expressed that respect for traditions what is Takadaya’s philosophy, to arrange “Japanese patterns” in various places of the restaurant.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Daiki Sakai
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto