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HITOHACHI LaLaPort Yokohama
Kanagawa, Japan / 2016

“Relationship of plants and pots”

  HITOHACHI is a specialty store of takeaway size foliage plants and pots.
You can make freely combining plants and pots, creating favorite ” only one pot” at there.
So, I proposed a display that gives pots and plants the same value.

  In fact, we prepare two types of table top display material, expanded metal and laminated wood. The plants are put on top of expanded metal because it needs draining water. And the pots expressed visually the free combination of pots and plant by displaying on laminated wood.

  In addition, the combination can be rearranged indefinitely, and it is possible to correspond freely to future product development.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Daiki Sakai