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Weathered tile (collaboration with DINAONE, tiles development)
Japan / 2016


Every material on the earth that all weathering.
Among them, the ceramic tile has developed the strengths for weathering proof.
However, recent renovation projects are surrounded by weathered material, so it looks does not match with it. Because only the tile would not weathered. 
So, I wanted to make the tiles what can be weathered.
Not a beauty that is not influenced by the times, but a tile like a natural stone that expresses its taste with expressions and shade changing by passing time, it is “Weathered tile”.
The most important problem was, how I give “transformation” to the tile which difficult to be weathered.
“Oxidation” is the easiest way to be weathered, but we can not expect changes after high-temperature baking.
Therefore, we did start up from compounding and procurement of special soil, and selected a manufacturing method, that can expect that the tile will be transformed by keeping essential properties of soil.
Mass production is difficult by the operation process because the hardening the tile without high-temperature is also special technique. However, This new ceramic tile is simple, warm touching and completely brand new material.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Misaki Bando