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Takadaya URAWA
Saitama, Japan / 2016


Takadaya is a Japanese restaurant, and they are sticking that “Creating beautiful dishes”, “Being with top skills” and “Protecting tradition”.
“Takadaya Urawa Misono” opened for the first project in the food court business, and specialized in “Soba noodle and bowls”.

Normally in the food court area, facade is a only part of displaying with customers. It would fill with “information (signboard)” to the extent as no gap.
However, as long as such stores continue for three stores or more, it will be just a landscape for customers.
So I considered for designing the subtraction of information ,to make different from other shops.

In fact, I decided to convey this concept by  using that power of words from the Takadaya’s philosophy.

Also, I designed to make that words would be more remarkable by limiting the material used for the facade to “mortar” and “woods”.

I hope that Takadaya’s “philosophy” is conveyed throughout Japan by that “words”. 

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto