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Blue Print
Tokyo, Japan / 2015

“Penrose Tiling”

The following two points were the requests Blue Print made.
The space should be easy to use a laptop computer.
It needs to adapt to a rapid increase of the number of the staffs, which will be tripled over the next three years.

To meet the client’s needs, we present a new non-territorial office by utilizing Penrose Tiling for the table design.

Penrose tiling, discovered by a British physicist Roger Penrose, is a non-periodic tiling pattern.
This pattern never repeats regularly. It is made from thick and thin rhombus shaped tiles, which have to be placed according to the strict rules.

By combining two types of tables, both are rhombic shapes, the staff can change the office layout as needed. This flexibility enables them to communicate even more because it is quite possible that two staffs were in different places in the office yesterday but they might sit next to each other today.

In addition, the floor has the role as a map. Placing the table where its color corresponds to floor color creates various types of plans.
For the timber of the table we put the Blue Print’s original color.

Concentrating on work alone, brainstorming with few members, having a meeting with big group and having a coffee break with all, this non-territorial office can meet all the demands.

The flexible office has infinite possibilities.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Misaki Bando
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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