Saitama, Japan / 2015

“Spin by dot”

NAMBOYA is an upscale consignment shop that was born according to the concept of “Reuse makes your life more interesting”.

“Buying and Using” the objects and after that “Selling and Passing” them, there is a reuse culture that puts hearts in objects.

I designed NAMBOYA Omiya Store based on a “Spin” theme.

Spin—to make thread by twisting together cotton, wool, etc.

Connecting the lighting dots, actually pendant lights, suggests the relationship between NAMBOYA, the customer and the object.

A continuous linear light that consists of the lighting dots from the entrance to the purchase counter represents an idea that spins, in other words connects, all the feelings such as “the feeling of the customer”, “the feeling between the customer and the shop” and “the feeling for the object that will belong with another customer”.

I hope that our hearts will be connected through NAMBOYA.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Jutaku Interiour Kyukyoku Guide 2017 issue