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Kaemon Asakusa
Tokyo, Japan / 2015

“The Five Senses”

Kaemon Asakusa serves organic food without using meat and fish so that people all over the world can eat. We could say that it is a universal food.
Eating as much as they need is rich and essential daily diet and also makes people’s senses more keen.
Then I propose the interior design that stimulates people’s five senses and returns to origin.
Covering the floor with stones makes people feel like walking outside, stimulating from the foot. Actually it is shaded in the floor like a contour architectural model to represent the nature and also to give a difference in height.
The planters suspended from the ceiling please to the eye and the sound and music in the natural world makes people enjoy auditory.
Last, organic food they serve would satisfies their palate and nose.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto