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Hair Salon ANTHEM
Ibaraki, Japan / 2013


When we open doors, we develop various kinds of emotions. Sometimes we feel nervous or anxious.

Since hair salons don’t sell items that are tangible, people come in with a mixed feeling of expectation, nervousness and anxiety. And when we go inside the salon, we first have counseling in front of the mirror and then go to the shampoo booth before being guided to the styling section. I have created a space where the stylist can ease the nervousness and anxiety of the customer by opening the door of a mirror as if he/she is opening the door of the customer’s heart.

Moreover, among numbers of businesses, hair salon is one of the few businesses that don’t have a fixed image of its interior. Therefore, the color that is used the most for interiors of hair salons is “white”.

I have thus thought of making a “white space” where we can change it into all the kinds of images.

What I actually did was to put mirrors on 3 sides of the walls of the shampoo booth while using the 4th side as a screen which can be changed to different images by projecting various kinds of materials. As a result, customers can experience different spaces before and after they have their hair shampooed.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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