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moisteane SENDAI
Miyagi, Japan / 2012


moisteane is a salon that offers a beautiful pure skin. I thought that the proper space for it would be a space people can feel the “skin”.

“Skin” is made from surface skin, inner skin and subcutis. And in the surface skin, new cells are constantly pushing out old cells by repeating turnover. I considered that in this space, steel frames and concrete are the “bone”, plasterboards and LGS are the “flesh” and finishing materials such as cloths and paints are the “skin”. I especially wanted to use a lace, which is a material that is most similar to a skin, to express skin.

I used lace curtains as partitions that are needed in the space; by looking from each curtain, you can see through it completely, but if you look at the space as a whole, the curtains are opaque. Moreover, I adopted laces as a finishing material of the walls too by sticking them and expressed the layer of the “skin” more directly.

In order to realize the request of the client “to assume using it as one big space”, I have made all the partition movable.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Shoten Kenchiku Aug. 2013 Issue