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nana’s green tea AEON MALL ICHINO
Shizuoka, Japan / 2011

“tea room”

Nanaha Corporation is a company that introduces “a new form of Japan” to the world through “matcha”(powdered green tea). They arrange high grade matchas in modern style and provide them as a menu such as matcha latte. And their intention is to make the space into a “contemporary style tea room”, not a “Japanese style tea room”.

Although “Tea room”is the smallest house in the world, its construction is as artistic as the Parthenon in Greece. (from “Cha no Hon” by Tenshin Okakura)

Tea room “It is combined with garden called “roji”
Tea room “We enter from “moguri” (an entrance to “roji”) and walk the “roji”
Tea room “The path of “roji” is made by “tobiishi” (stepping stones) or “nobedan”(long narrow flagstone path)
Tea room “We enter the tea room from “nijiri-guchi” (craw-through doorway)
In nana’s green tea AEON Mall Ichino shop, I will pick out all the elements that are needed for tea room to design a modern tea room.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

47 (UK) Jan. 2013 Issue Grobal Innovation Report
bob (South Korea) Feb. 2013 issue 103

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