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Kanagawa, Japan / 2008

“Connect spaces by Dividers”

Location of this project is in residential streets. This salon opens on road, however it has more than tripled depth than openings width.
 The concept of this project is ‘Sense of Vision’ to enhance to keep the relationship between outside & inside and impact each other by using necessary elements for Salon.
Recently, method, designer divides individual spaces by partition, is frequently used in order to keep customers’ privacy at interior design especially this kind of retail shops.
I can agree that that method can make individual spaces rich and special. However, I sometime feel that that technique can spoils fascination as total space.
Then I start to think that partitions, which are necessary element, can connect spaces and enhance the total space.
 This salon consists of 5 partitions.

Partition1: Outside Wall, which is dividing outside and inside
Partition2: Partition, which is dividing waiting area and cut area
Partition3: Partition, which is dividing cut area and shampoo area
Partition4: Partition, which is dividing shampoo area and exclusive cut area
Partition5: Partition, which is dividing shampoo area and space for color dispensers

Those 5 partitions are normal partitions when customers see one by one.
I designed Partitions can be turn to one picture when customers look at distance.
Furthermore, horizont, representation of sun light, is set in a radial pattern on the ceiling to enhance visually – connection of partitions and radial gaps are on the floor by using tow colors of tile gaps, which can represent sun’s reflection onto the water surface.
As the result, I can achieve to consoled spaces, which are divided by partitions, and transform from one picture to space.

Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

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2009 – JCD designaward 2009 – WINNER
2009 – The 43rd SDA Award – WINNER
2009 – DDA Award 2009 – WINNER
2008 – The 2nd AICA Shop Design Contest