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Tokyo, Japan / 2017


Ren is a shop of "skewers and small vegetables and skewers" that provides fresh ingredients purchased from contract farmers and Tsukiji with Chinese cuisine technology.

Seasoning is also made from the store from the store, it is a dish treating cherish "material" carefully.

So, I also stick to the "material" space, and adopted precious trees at the counter seat.
In addition, although the craftsmen side of the counter was made stainless steel considering practical aspects, the boundary was also processed along the eyes of precious wood to take advantage of "material".

From the boundary of this one, I am hoping that my feelings that value "material" will be conveyed.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Daiki Sakai
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Shoten Kenchiku Jan. 2018 Issue

2017 - DSA Design Award 2017 by DSA (Japan Design Space Association) WINNER