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Aozashikarari LUMINE Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan / 2016


Japanese people expressed the seasonal feeling and hospitality with sweets from ancient times.
Aozashikarari makes best way use of "ingredients", making modern sweets with a new process.
Therefore, at "Aozashikarari LUMINE Shinjuku Store", I considered to make products could be looking like"ingredients".

"Marche" is the meaning of the market in French.
Arranging a lot of colorful, freshly picked vegetables that have been brought from the farm to look better.
In addition, customers can buy while talking with producers, so customers could listen directly to the customers 'voices as producers' commitment and their minds. Marche makes special relationship with customers and producers.

In fact, I designed for the product looks like vegetables put in a wooden box to express the goodness of the material.
And, as producers and customers feel close to each other to feel like more real.

I designed a gimmick to bring that "Aozashikarari", for precious gifts, for a tea time with your close friends.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Daiki Sakai
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

2017 - JCD Design Award 2017 Best 100