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Tokyo, Japan / 2017

“Four seasons”

Takadaya is a Japanese restaurant that serving seasonal foods.
“Creating beautiful dishes”, “Being with top skills” and “Protecting tradition”, these are their main concepts.
This time, the restaurant’s location was underground tenant of the building in front of Ikebukuro station. The main request was a renovation of banquet room for 50 people’s capacity.

So, I tried to express “four seasons” by ” shadow” that reflected in the lattice window, at underground tenant where no external light.
In fact, I assumed a banquet room is the part facing the outside, set up a lattice window and put the projectors, expressed “the view of reflected on the window”.
In addition, I designed the “sound” suitable for the season image and devised that people could feel a way more the four seasons.
As if it looks like a “moving ink painting”, it brought the cycle of the seasons to underground tenants.

Designed by Masahiro Yoshida and Daiki Sakai
Photos by Keisuke Miyamoto

Youtube Video
1minutes/8minutes/1 hour

Shoten Kenchiku Feb. 2019 Issue